Center for Vaccine Research

Donald S. Burke, MD

  • Dean, Graduate School of Public Health
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Global Health
  • UPMC-Jonas Salk Chair in Global Health

Dr. Burke is a professor in the Department of Epidemiology at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health. In addition to his role as the director of the Center for Vaccine Research, Dr. Burke serves as the dean of the Graduate School of Public Health and the associate vice chancellor for global health, health sciences. He is also the first occupant of the UPMC-Jonas Salk Chair in Global Health. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. Burke received his B.A. from Western Reserve University and his M.D. from Harvard Medical School. He was an intern and resident in medicine at Boston City and Massachusettes General Hospitals and trained as a research fellow in infectious diseases at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Dr. Burke has expertise in the prevention and control of infectious diseases of global concern, including HIV/AIDS, influenza, dengue, and emerging infectious diseases.

Research Interests

Dr. Burke's career-long mission has been the prevention and mitigation of the impact of epidemic infectious diseases of global importance. His research activities have spanned a wide range of science, including development of new diagnostics, population-based field studies, clinical vaccine trials, computational modeling of epidemic control strategies, and policy analysis. His recent research has focused on the development of strategies for containing an emerging influenza pandemic and on interruption of virus transmission to humans from animals among central African bushmeat hunters.